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Asya Akimova appointed as the head of the department dealing with logistics and courier companies


Manfol which produces and supplies packaging products, is pleased to announce that ASYA AKIMOVA has been appointed as the head of the department dealing with logistics and courier companies.

The development of working with with courier companies was established in 2006 and the business was very quickly transferred to an independent department having a strategically very important position within the company.

The key functions for Ms. Akimova, as the head of the department, will be the organization and control over the quality of customer Service. This coupled with the development of customer relations as partners with a wider product range and strict sales development and control. Asya Akimova has been working in the Manfol Courier department since 2012 during which time she has shown herself to be a correct and professional employee with excellent management potential.

Armen Martirosyan, commercial director of MANFOL: «It is a pleasure to see one of our employees achieving growth in her career. I am sure, that Asya’s professionalism and considerable experience with courier companies will promote the growth of the department and help her make an important contribution to the further development of the company».

Asya Akimova, the Manfol head of business dealing with logistics and courier companies : «I would like to thank Mr. Martirosyan for putting such confidence in me. I promise to fulfill all the trust presented to me fairly and impartially and to help sustain my Management and colleagues’ hopes».

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