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M = S * P * T, when:
S (square of the material)
P (consistency of the material)
T (thickness of the material)

S = W * L * 2 - 10 %, when:
W - the width of the goods
L - the length of the goods
2 - film ply quantity
10% - square of of handles area

The width of the goods (W) is calculated by the width of the goods including the width of the side folds. The width measurement of the goods is in the pic.1. The measurement of the side fold is in the pic.2

P (consistence of the material) is the constant size for each type of material and depends on proportions of using PHP PLP in the production of PMP.
Š (for PLP) -0,95 g./m2; Š (for PHP)- 0,92 g./m2; Š (for PMP)- 0,935 g./m2

T (thickness of the material) - is determined by the customer’s order on the assumption of the demanded carrying capacity and esthetic look of the goods. They are measured in mcm.

Example of the weight calculation of the "T-shirt" packets

the width of the packet - 30 sm
the height of the packet - 60 sm
side fold of the packet - 16 sm
Ģaterial- LDPE
the thickness of the packet- 15 mcm
1. Let’s calculate the square of the packet(S)
S = (30 + 16) * 60 (size) * 2 (film ply quantity) - 10% (square of handles area) = 4 968 sm2 = 0,4968 m2
2. Let’s calculate the weight of the packet (W):

M = 0,4968 * 0,95 * 15 = 7,0797 g.

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