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Paint (masking) tape

  • Paint (masking) tape
  • Paint (masking) tape
  • Paint (masking) tape
Masking (or paint) tape is an adhesive paper based tape. This universal packaging material is an ideal aid for repairs, technical car service and is especially useful in production.
Paint tape are used with masking tape to protect surfaces whilst making repairs and plastering. Paint tapes are used to seal car parts which should be protected from paint. Using paper masking tape creates straight and accurate outlines while painting without and increases the effectiveness of the service.

This multifunctional product is widely used in many areas. The tape is an irreplaceable material whilst making repairs and construction. it allows surface protection when fixing stretch ceilings etc. Paint tapes are successfully used to mark products in production warehouses because it is easy to make any notes with a pen on the paper.


Material – crepe paper
Width – 20, 25, 40, 50mm.
Length – 50m.

Paint tape is very practical and simple to use and is easily glued on any surface. The sticky base of the tape is easily removed, without leaving any trace.

The peculiarities of paper masking tape are high durability, resistance to moisture and solvents coupled with chemical neutrality. Using our product guarantees precise boundaries and excludes any damage to car surfaces during a technical service.

With paint tape you can quickly organize the whole process of quality car painting. Our high quality and easy to use tapes will let you guarantee quality customer service as well as saving on time and money.

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