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Branded plastic cups with a domed lid

  • Branded plastic cups with a domed lid
The main materials used to produce plastic cups are polypropylene, polystyrol and polyetylenterephtalat.
Polypropylene cups are heat resistant to high and low temperatures which makes them ideal for hot and cold drinks at any time of the year.
Disposable cups made from polystyrol or polyetylenterephtalat are only suitable for cold drinks and other food packaging as they are not sutable for using in the microwave.
Plastic cups with domed lids with a companylogo are a perfect advertisement for successfull brand promotion.

Manfol offers plastic cups with domed lids with the following parameters:

Material – polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), polyetylenterephtalat (PET)
Capacity – 300, 400, 500 ml
Printing– up to 6 colours
Minimal production run – 300 000 pcs.

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