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Branded paper packets with flat handles

  • Branded paper packets with flat handles
  • Branded paper packets with flat handles
Paper packets have become more and more popular. Branded paper packets with handles are a handy, practical and ecologically pure packaging which is widely used by fast food restaurants, cafes and public catering companies.

These packets have flat paper handles like triple folded paper stripes. The handles are fixed both from inside and outside of the packet, and this makes them more durable, wear proof and handy for deliveries.

Modern methods of printing have made it possible to produce packets with flat handles of different colours and design. This allows the most original ideas for packaging products and turns the packet into a perfect and effective advertisement. Paper packets with an applied logo have a beneficial effect on company image marking it out from competitors.

Manfol offers you branded paper packets with flat handles to order with the following parameters:

Material – Kraft bleached/brown
Density – from 50 g/m2 up to 110 g/m2
Sizes of packets – according to order requirements
Additionally – a cardboard insertion over the bottom of the packet
Printing – up to six colours
Minimal edition – 20 000 pcs.

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