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Food wrapping paper

  • Food wrapping paper
  • Food wrapping paper
Food wrapping paper is one of the simplest forms of packaging designed for handy and quality customer service in internet, fast food restaurants and cafes.
The paper is quite durable and uses ecologically pure raw materials that do not affect the long term taste, freshness or quality of the food. Wrapping paper has many advantages. It keeps hands clean whilst eating and despite being so cheap it is attractive which makes it a good packaging material especially in catering for many visitors.


Material – grease resistant food paper
Sizes – 300*300 mm
Paper density – from 40 g/m2
Printing – one colour
Minimum production run – 2,000 pcs.

This material is designed for disposable packaging It is multifunctional and is widely used in internet, fast food restaurants and cafes for packing various hot and cold foods such as french fries, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs, sweets etc. Using wrapping paper helps to serve customers quickly avoiding long queues. It raises customer brand loyalty with a low cost packaging material.

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