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Polypropylene bags

  • Polypropylene bags
  • Polypropylene bags
  • Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene Bags - the best packaging for many products. With high strength and durability plastic bags give high efficiency for your products both in packing and unpacking.

Polypropylene bags printed with your unique branding or logo ensures your company high recognition in the market place.


Dimensions (mm) - 50 * 80, 55 * 105, 80 * 120, 100 * 150, 120 * 160

Colour - white

Laminating - yes / no

Insert - yes / no

Weight of the bag - depends on the size.

Capability of printing (logo)

The liner is polyethylene embedded in a conventional polypropylene bag. A lined bag is usually used for carrying loose products. When using lined losses the chances of spilling is almost reduced to zero which ensures safe delivery of products totally intact.

Laminating - heated polyethylene layer on a polypropylene fabric. The laminated layer reinforces and strengthens the outer polypropylene shell. The main advantage is being able to use the bag without an inner liner.

Properties of polypropylene bags:

Packing bags of polypropylene fabric have several advantages over other types of bags. They are chemically neutral, resistant to moisture, without stretch and both corrosive and rot proof which makes them very robust. Polypropylene bags withstand low and high temperatures whilst keeping all their useful properties and even tolerate changes in temperature from -70 to 100 ° C.

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