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Polypropylene thread

  • Polypropylene thread
  • Polypropylene thread

Polypropylene yarn is a universal sewing thread which is used widely for tying and packaging a variety of products including food. Polypropylene filament is also extensively used for tying confectionary boxes, sewing bags for flour, cereals and sugar plus in the manufacture of shoes. (no water, chemicals or dirt can significantly impact on the properties)

Polypropylene fibre is not affected by cold or moisture and has a high resistance to flexing and abrasion. Additionally it is not soluble in organic solvents and is resistant to boiling water and alkalis.


Material - PP

Thread - fibrillated and multifilament

Linear density - 50 - 3400 tex

Weight per reel - 1 kg to 5 kg.

Color - white, standard plus any custom requirement.

Supplements - dye, light stabiliser.

(Normally we can alter the production to the customers requirement)

Polypropylene thread is produced in two forms - fibrillated and multifilament.

Basis for the production of polypropylene fibrillated fibers are polymer films which are cut into strips oriented or fibrillated.

Orientation is the heat treatment of thread after stretching. This process makes the thread much stronger and reduces their deformation during use.

Specialised treatment which increases the bond strength fibres is called fibrillation.

Multifilament yarn made from polypropylene using additives that make it more resistant to the impact of direct sunlight is used in the industry for the production of high-strength fabrics, manufacturing all kinds of belts and straps, ropes and cord. It is perfect for producing sacks, linen bags, paper bags, as well as fabrics.

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