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Drip watering tapes (starting)

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  • Drip watering tapes (starting)
  • Drip watering tapes (starting)
Drip watering is the most popular type of agricultural watering which was invented as the best way for growing a harvest with economical water use.. This type of watering i suits for all types of plants and is used in both private farms as well as in large industrial production.
Drip watering is very handy and economic compared with other types of watering.
It can be used both manually or with automatic cotrols which allow programming the watering for a whole year taking into account rain and frosts.

The basic element of the watering system is the drip tube which is a hose or tape with holes.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of tapes for drip watering, but all of them are used in the same way. The tube which is made of stabilised polyethylene is laid on the ground along the plant rows and feeds water through the droppers. It uses a small pressure with natural drip and a large pressure for micro-stream.


Material – polyethylene
Diameter – at the request of the customer
Thickness – at the request of the customer
Length – at the request of the customer
Date of life – up to three years.

Tapes for drip watering are more economical compared with other hoses as the water goes to the roots immediately providing qualitywatering. Drip watering helps to reduce water usage amd cost by 3 to 4 times whilst at the same time doubling the effectiveness of the watering.

The material which is used to produce the tapes or hoses for drip watering is absolutely non-toxic and is continuously reusable taking care of the environment.

With the help of our tapes you will be able to have quality watering whilst saving time and money. Our product facilitates taking care of plants and helps to have a high quality harvest.

Currently available only in Armenia.

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