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Plastic seals (sack)

  • Plastic seals (sack)
  • Plastic seals (sack)
Plastic seals are the most effective and suitable product for sealing any kind of sack. The plastic seals are made of high-strength very special flexible materialwith a lock. The main difference between plastic and other types of seals is the flat type of tail and the availability of spines which are assigned for safer fastening. Due to the spines, the seals are fitting tightly to the sack avoiding the possibility of rotation or sliding.

Sack seals can be also used as control seals for sealing encashed freight, sea and railway containers for shipping valuable goods etc.


Material – polypropylene
Standard colors – red, yellow, green, blue, white.
Control number – 7 marks (applied through thermo printing, or a laser)
Metallic insertion
Test Portion – 320 mm
Width – 8 mm (6 spines fixing the seal on the sack neck)
Quantity in a pack – 1 000 pcs.
Setting – manual
Removal – with scissors

Seals can be produced in any colour.
Any customer logo can be applied.
A bar-code can also be printed.

The way to use plastic seals is easy - the sharp tail pierces throughthe sack and the special adjustment then fixes the seal without any difficulty. Removing plastic seals is very easy too just cut with scissors or cutting pliers.

There is availability of individual serial numbers on each seal and also the possibility to apply a company logo which becomes a means of confirmation of authenticity.
Our plastic sack seals are the top guarantee of the safety of your freight at very reasonable prices.

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