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Safe packages

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  • Safe packages
  • Safe packages

Safe packages are designed to protect the contents from unauthorised opening without visible trace.

Safe packages are used by courier and postal services as well as cash collection companies and others requiring good security. Safe packages ensure reliability and ease of use and are therefore in high demand.


Material - COEX, multilayer polyethylene 70 microns

Size - 295 * 420 mm

On the opening of safe packages, the securing flap becomes red and reads - «OPEN»

Temperature of use, ° C - from -60 to 60

Tear-off claim check on each piece.

Color safe package - white

Labelling - 8-digit numeric code, bar code

The advantages of using a safe package:

    • Safe packages

    Indication a specific band with an adhesive tape on the flap of the safe package. On opening an indicator strip on the tape appears «STOP», or «OPEN»
    • Safe packages

    individual non-repeating numbers in each series of safe packages. Numerical register in all accompanying documents which excludes the possibility of loss of the package or its illegal replacement.
    • Safe packages

    special welds on package with micro text
    • Safe packages

    availability of detachable claim check to ensure individual numbers on safe package
    • Safe packages

    Availability of a clear plastic pocket on the reverse side of the package designed for insertion of supporting documents.
    The surface of the package is covered by a special layer which allows ease of writing.

Using a safe package will significantly reduce the time of sending out confidential materials and increases the level of privacy when in transit.

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