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Carbonless form

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  • Carbonless forms
  • Carbonless forms
  • Carbonless forms

Carbonless forms - several sheets of special paper to facilitate the copying onto the underneath pages. Carbonless forms are bonded on one side, with a special adhesive, that allows easy separation of the sheets after writing.

Usually carbonless forms consist of two, three or four layers. More layers (up to ten) are possible but rather unusual.

Carbonless forms are used to write bills, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, notices, vouchers, trip tickets, and more. This allows the keeping of accurate records of various services rendered, goods received or issued, and the accounting of money.


Material - carbon paper

Manufacturing of self - copying forms up to 6 layers.

Paper color - white and colored.

Size - as required.

Printing - up to 10 colors

Density - from 50 to 60 g / m

Numbering of forms - through the original and all copies.

Gluing - length or width as required

Additional fastening - crimp lock and green lock

Perforation - length or width as required.

Bar coding

These forms are very practical helping to save time and lengthy documentation and ensure the shortest time to complete mandatory reporting.

Manufacturing carbonless forms can be by using standard forms or a special design according to your company branding requirements. Carbonless forms can be printed using pantone colors.

Carbonless forms in A4 and A5 are most commonly used.

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