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Paper envelopes

  • Paper envelopes
  • Paper envelopes
  • Paper envelopes

Paper envelopes are deservedly popular because apart from postal mail they are very convenient to use for many purposes such as distribution, exhibition and presentations.


MATERIAL - offset paper, kraft paper, bleached kraft paper, coated paper

SIZE - according to customer requirements.

Gluing the envelope - double-sided tape, dextrin glue, silicone, latex

Possibility to produce paper envelopes of different thickness and colour.

Possibility to produce paper envelopes printed with customer details.

Methods of sealing:

Dextrin - adhesive on the inside of the flap which requires wetting to seal the envelope.

Silicone or silicone tape - a special adhesive with removable protective tape. Very convenient for sealing envelopes by hand as the tape can be easily removed and the envelope sealed. These are called "envelopes with the tear tape.

Window - an aperture in the front of the envelope covered with transparent film. The windows can be located in any part of the envelope. Before ordering envelopes with windows the customer must know exactly where it should be located.

Paper envelopes can be printed with logos or trademarks as they immediately attract the attention of the recipient and make it stand out from other letters. Paper envelopes with your company logo is a good marketing tool that really works and is used everywhere.

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