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Packing tape

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Packing tape - polypropylene film coated with adhesive on an acrylic base. It has high durability and good adhesive properties. It is used in the home as well as in the production of a wide variety of packaging products.

The most widely used packing tape is either brown or transparent.


Material - polypropylene

Colour - Clear or tinted

Winding length - 66 m

Belt width - 50 mm, 75 mm

Total thickness - 40, 45, 50 mm

Density of the film - 25 mm

The density of the adhesive layer - 22 mm

The adhesive layer - acrylic emulsion

Core diameter - 76 mm

Minimum order - 36 rolls (1 box)

Available production of packaging tape with a logo with any graphic design.

Packing tape is used for sealing cardboard boxes, plastic containers and many other uses.

Packing tape - 40 microns thickness is recommended for small boxes. Packing tape is designed for use in the dry with no dust.

Packing tape thick 45mkm - widely used by manufacturers. It is suitable for sealing medium size boxes.

Packing tape thickness of 50 microns - has strong adhesive properties and high tensile strength. It is used for sealing heavy boxes and also where work is carried out at low temperatures.

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