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Paper cups of coated or laminated cardboard - the most environmentally friendly product of all the kinds of disposable tableware. Due to the unique processing paper cups do not leak or absorb moisture and are ideal for both cold and hot drinks.

Modern technology excludes glue in the production of paper cups and the bonding is done by ultrasonic or thermal treatment of the laminated layers.

Paper cups of cardboard can be laminated on one or both sides.

Single-sided lamination is used in the production of cups for hot drinks.

Double sided lamination is used in the production of paper cups for cold drinks. External lamination protects the cup from condensation that forms on the outside and the interior lamination protects the paperboard from contact with moisture.

Paper cups are printed in the manufacturing process with logos which allows for a high-quality and distinctive design.


Material - food carton

Standard density - 250, 260 g/m2

Minimum order - 50 000.

Also possible to produce double layer paper cups

The possibility to produce paper cups of any size with any printed advertising.

A distinctive advantage of paper cups is:


-Low thermal conductivity.


-Excellent promotional opportunities.


Eco-friendly paper cups are used everywhere for filling and packaging of food products and in fast food restaurants. Additionally used in the production of ice cream, instant noodles, popcorn and other products.

Paper cups - is the best balance of price, quality and care of the environment!

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