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Paper bags for wine/spirit bottles

  • Paper bags for wine/spirit bottles

Paper bags have been around for a long time and are firmly in our daily lives and it is now almost impossible to go shopping without them. Paper bags with or without labels or logos or maybe laminated, there is now a large amount of choice because these packages are one of the most effective forms of advertising. Beautiful paper bag with your logo and information - the perfect promotion that works for you at any place at any time.

A quality design on your paper bags is the business card of your company.

Paper bags are very suitable for bottles as despite being light they have very good strength and are capable of carrying a considerable weight.

The most important property of kraft paper used in the manufacture of bottle bags is damage resistance and durability.


Material - kraft paper, kraft paper Ribbit, kraft recycled paper

Paper color - brown and bleached

Handle type - paper twisted / rope / flat / without handles

Size - as per customer requirement

Printing - printing up to ten colors

Density - up to 70gr/m2 120gr/m2

Payload Package - from 3 to 10 kg (according to the density of the package)

Advanced - cardboard tab on the bottom of the package

Minimum order - 10 000 bags

Manufacturing of paper bags is a responsibility we take very seriously. We ensure full compliance with all the production regulations as well as ensuring that packets are also suitable for carrying food and clothing. Accordingly, kraft paper bags are sturdy and environmentally friendly to use making them not only pleasant but also very safe.

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