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Kraft paper is produced from secondary raw material

Paper - a kind of porous material which is composed of fibrous fibers (pulp), linked together in a single structural system to which is added sizing agents, dyes, and other additives.

Basically paper is made of pulp and Kraft paper.

Kraft is made from recycled materials from consumer waste paper.

Waste is discarded paper and cardboard.

Modern technologies allow paper production using recycled paper and other types of waste (textile and light industry). First the waste is dissolved in a special solution which has a high temperature and then filtered to remove any impurities of plastic and metal. Then ink is removed using special chemicals and the residue of short fibres and ink are compressed and burned. After cleaning the mass produced paper from the waste is mixed with a small percentage of virgin pulp.

Using paper made from waste not only helps preserve the forests but also saves water and energy. This reduces hazardous emissions and pollution.

If a person grows up in a society that takes care of the natural environment and ensures a conscious and responsible attitude to the environment and its problems there is no doubt that this will ensure a better tomorrow for all.

In many Western countries like Norway, Germany, Canada, USA and the Netherlands packaging and sanitary paper are made entirely of recycled material.

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