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Backpack bag

  • Backpack bag (Duffle Bag)
  • Backpack bag (Duffle Bag)
  • Backpack bag (Duffle Bag)
  • Backpack bag (Duffle Bag)

Plastic bags of all kinds and colours have for a long time taken a place in our lives so that now we can hardly imagine shopping without bags. But who has not had the situation or returning home with hands full of bags or even just wanting to drop in another store and buy something else but no hands. Even when going out of town and not being able to find a convenient and comfortable pack to carry things!

We can solve these problems! A flick of the wrist transform our bag into a Backpack. This packet-backpack is not only convenient and comfortable to carry around but your hands are always free!

Rather spacious and durable, the bag is also a backpack. It is moisture proof and is a great way to store and carry things. It takes up absolutely no space and can be any colour.

This backpack bag is an interesting solution both for the fitness club, and for retail shopping. Also ideal for packing gifts or products.

Originality and simplicity makes it indispensable in everyday life!

Today pack - backpack - Is elegant, beautiful, looks expensive and tasteful, but it is entirely affordable.


Material - LDPE, PDS, HDPE, COEX

Thickness - from 15 to 100 microns

Printing - up to 8 colours

Pens - PP or rope

Minimum order depends on size.

The advantage of packet-backpack is:

1. functional: uses in sport, everyday life, on the road, out of town, on shopping expeditions etc.

2. Differs from a standard package with special strength.

3. Your hands are free.

4. Manufactured from pure polyethylene making it affordable and safe for food applications.

Take a new look with "MANFOL"!

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