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"The role of agriculture in the economy shows the structure and level of development of a country or region. Unlike the industrial process agriculture is closely linked with nature, where the earth acts as the means of production"

    Greenhouse film Greenhouse film

    The primary purpose of greenhouse film is to create the so called "greenhouse effect." This creates a heat transfer process between the greenhouse and the environment.

    Polypropylene bags Polypropylene bags

    Polypropylene Bags - the best packaging  for many products. With high strength and durability plastic bags give high efficiency for your products both in packing and unpacking.

    Mesh bags Mesh bags

    Mesh bags are made from polyethylene and polypropylene in orange, green or red, with strings and without. Mesh bags  are used for packaging, storage and transportation of fruit and vegetables.

    Polypropylene thread Polypropylene thread

    Polypropylene yarn is a universal sewing thread which is used widely  for tying and packaging a variety of products including food.

    Film for mulching Film for mulching

    Mulching - is a material ground cover to improve and protect the soil. Mulching helps warm the soil, improve yields and protect it from weeds.

    Non-woven covering material Non-woven covering material

    The material is intended to cover vineyards, plantations, orchards and greenhouses. Specifically used to improve product quality and to maintain a balanced temperature.

    Drip watering tapes (starting) Drip watering tapes (starting)

    Drip watering is the most popular type of agricultural watering which was invented as the best way for growing a harvest with economical water use.

    Shade net (mesh shade) Shade net (mesh shade)

    Shade net is the best that is available on the market to protect young plants from direct sunlight. Additionally  the grid provides plants with continuous protection from the sun...

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