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Courier companies

    Plastic seals Plastic seals

    Plastic seals for plastic bags, handbags, envelopes ...

    Self-adhesive pockets Self-adhesive pockets

    Self-adhesive pockets for documents are a transparent plastic bag with adhesive on one side.

    Cardboard envelopes (standard size and to order) Cardboard envelopes (standard size and to order)

    Apart from the primary purpose it gives out positive information (advertising campaign), and also provides an excellent profile of your company!

    Safe packages Safe packages

    Safe packages are designed to protect the contents from unauthorised opening without visible trace.

    Carbonless form Carbonless form

    Carbonless forms - several sheets  of special paper to facilitate the copying onto the underneath  pages.

    Paper envelopes Paper envelopes

    Paper envelopes are deservedly popular because apart from postal mail they are very convenient to use for many purposes such as distribution, exhibition and presentations.

    Reusable sealable bags (ICS) Reusable sealable bags (ICS)

    Reusable sealable bags are designed for storage and the transportation of documents, securities, property, confidential information,  expensive medicines, keys, magnetic cards, etc.

    Information stickers Information stickers

    Simple text labels usually with minimal graphics. As the name suggests the aim of the labels is to convey important information which can be a warning or ban.

    Thermal labels IVF Thermal labels IVF

    Thermal labels of all kinds are made from special thermal paper with different levels of protection for the surface of the products.

    Packing tape Packing tape

    Polypropylene film coated with adhesive on an acrylic base. It has high durability and good adhesive properties. It is used in the home as well as in the production of a wide variety of packaging products.

    Plastic envelopes (courier packages) Plastic envelopes (courier packages)

    Plastic envelopes which are called courier packages are specifically designed to transport documents, data, securities, property, confidential information, medicines, keys, magnetic cards, etc.

    Polypropylene Sacks Polypropylene Sacks

    Polypropylene Sacks are a durable and reliable form of packaging which allows the  optimization of  freight operations helping to exclude loss occurring while transporting a variety of freight.

    Cardboard tube Cardboard tube

    Cardboard tubes are a unique non-standard packaging which is specially designed to transport and store posters, drawings and other large size documents which are not to be folded.

    Stretch film Stretch film

    Stretch film is a safe packaging material which is used to pack freight of all sizes, lengths and shapes.

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