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Plastic seals

    Plastic seals for bags Plastic seals for bags

    Plastic seals with numbers are advantageous as their use does not require any additional equipment. They are easy to use and very effective completely eliminating the possibility of undetected envelope opening.

    Plastic sealing ties Plastic sealing ties

    Each seal has a set of unique identifying features that are applied to seal in the production process. These include the shape, size, color, markings, individual alphanumeric code number seal, logo, etc.

    Plastic seals (sack) Plastic seals (sack)

    Plastic seals are the most effective and suitable product for sealing any kind of sack. The plastic seals are made of high-strength very special flexible material with a lock.

    Numbered ties Numbered ties

    These disposable plastic seals offer a reliable system of protection and ensure the protected area against unauthorized access. The locking mechanism of the seals  with a control number  does not allow opening without damaging it.

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