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Auto services

Auto services

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    Car seat covers Car seat covers

    Protective covers protect the seat of the car from contamination (oil, dust, etc.) during service, repair and maintenance.

    Paper mats for car floor Paper mats for car floor

    Paper mats to protect the vehicle interior floor from contamination during repair and maintenance.

    Packages for spare parts Packages for spare parts

    Attractive packaging of spare parts for the repair and maintenance of cars.

    Protective film for steering wheel and transmission selector Protective film for steering wheel and transmission selector

    Practical and economical solution to protect the steering wheel, gear shift, brakes and other parts.

    Car body protective covering Car body protective covering

    The car body protective covering allows for quick covering to protect from contamination (paint and dust) during the repair and maintenance of the vehicle.

    Car body protector Car body protector

    Used in car repair shops and by drivers doing own repairs and maintenance. The outer side protects the paint from external dirt and grease whilst the inner side protects the body from scratches and dents.

    Cover for car wheels Cover for car wheels

    Protective coating allows quick and accurate covering of the car wheels during repair work.

    Paint (masking) tape Paint (masking) tape

    Masking (or paint) tape is an adhesive paper based tape. This universal packaging material is an ideal aid  for repairs, technical car service and is especially useful in production.

    Paint Filter Paint Filter

    Paint filter is for cleaning rubbish, dust and other pollutants from paints, polish, chemicals and other liquids that are used to repair or paint cars.

    Half mask filter (respirator) Half mask filter (respirator)

    A half mask filter (respirator) is specially produced for the  protection of the lungs from the influence of chemicals, gas, fumes, pollutants, dust etc.

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