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Allowable deviations in printing

100% printing (right through printing)

In the process of 100% printing there can be unpainted lines at width of 1mm on the packet sides. (pic.1).
Such cases are acceptable, and they can be on up to 10% of the whole run. The other 90% of printing is even and there are no unpainted lines (pic.2).
While applying printing form (cliché) over the cylinder, a gap of 1mm width remains between two edges of the cliché (pic.3). In this way, on each turn of the cylinder the line which comes under that gap remains unpainted usually 10% . That is why, this kind of deviation is agreed to be allowed. If the customer does not want to have this non printing then it is possible to apply double printing at extra cost.

NON 100% printing

Even with lower than 100% printing there will be also unprinted lines at the edges of the packets of 10 mm (5mm+m5mm) width (pic.4).
There are unavoidable deviations in proportion (visually), i.e. instead of the size 5mm+5mm at each edge there can be for example 3+7mm (pic.5). Such kind of print deviations are agreed allowable (see 100% printing)

An image moving to the opposite side edge

The ideal look of the packet with 100% printing should be as it is shown in the picture 8.
But in the result of inessential film displacement (which is allowable during the production), a part of the image can be moved to the opposite side edge of the packet (pic 9, 10)
To avoid such kind of situation (especially if the printing on the edges of the packet is different) they recommend to the customer to have some size interval from 3-10mm in the presented example from each side of edges up to the zone (pic. 4).


With double printing the edges of the packet have extra paint (in the gap of the cliché edges it is applied a printing of 1-5mm, just to avoid white unprinted zones) (pic. 1).
Double printing has an extra payment required. We should mention that with double printing the colour is perceptably a bit darker .(pic.11 & 12).


While using cliché of cylindrical form there are no unprinted zones at the edges of the packet. This is because the cliché is made without any gaps (pic.13), so the whole printing space is fully painted.
The negative side of this kind of printing is the long period of 1-3 months to produce the cliché and it is also much more expensive than the usual printing form.
This form of printing is only to a customers special order.

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