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High quality products - the law of our company!

The company "MANFOL" has worked in the packaging industry since 1999 and for 16 years has established itself as a reliable partner and competent supplier.

About company

"MANFOL" it’s a modern company which is specialising in the production and delivery of packaging products.
Our main areas of activity it’s a production of standard packaging and packaging for retail chain stores, courier companies, restaurant chains, fast food outlets, advertising agencies and publishing houses as well as manufacturing packaging products to order.

Many years of experience in the packaging industry, high level of technological process of packaging and using of advanced technologies helps us to meet our customers needs for high quality packaging.

Our Company values it’s customers time and therefore seeks to not only quickly and efficiently fulfill its obligations for the production and delivery of the package, but also to offer customers a more convenient method of cooperation.

Our goal is contribute to the client’s business by providing them quality products and services. We treat our key customers as partners and we help these partners to achieve actual results and increase sales by reflecting their ideas in our packaging.

Principles of Operation

In its work "MANFOL" is guided by the following principles:

- Advanced technologies and expansion of range of production:
innovations in packaging technology and constant expansion of range enables us to provide our partners with a variety of packaging solutions that help them to achieve market leadership and excellent prospects for development.

- Skills development:
qualification of employees ensures a consistently high results. A strong and united team is a key resource of our company, which allows us to achieve great results in the production of packaging.

- Relations transparency:
Professional ethics of the company is based on building a fair and open business relationships with partners and customers.

- Social Responsibility:
social responsibility contains three interrelated elements - economic, social and environmental responsibility. The company's goals is to increase the profitability of operations, caring staff and keeping and further improving the environmental principles and values of the business.

- Personal Service:
we try to find an individual approach to each client, we strive to maximise customer satisfaction by offering the most convenient forms of cooperation. Our relationships with our customers and partners for the production of packaging - this is our main concern.

- Reliability and Warranty:
Clients entrust us to solve their problems and the Company in turn commits itself to effectively address the problems in the production of packaging. We are responsible for the quality of packaging, production time and product delivery.

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