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High quality products - the law of our company!

"MANFOL" radically revised the logistics system. Successfully adopted ERP and CRM, which allowing it to raise customer service to a new level.

Our history

We were 15 years old.
During the period from 1999 to 2014, we have increased:
- area of production sites twice;
- output by 9 times;
- number of our key clients by 3 times;
- quantity of workplaces in the company by 4 times;
- the range by 7 times.
The company continues to adhere to the developed strategy of growth of business due to development of relationship with key partners and clients. Long-term plans and plans for 3, 5 and 10 years are constantly updated and supplemented taking into account the analysis of tendencies in the market of packing and expendables.

Departments of work with the agro-industrial companies and car services are formed to the independent business directions:
– "Agricultural industry"
The company proposes complex solutions to rural and hothouse farms on leaving, collecting and storage of a crop.
In assortment: Polypropylene bags, greenhouse film, mesh bags, polypropylene fibers, film mulching, non-woven fabric, drip irrigation tape etc.
- "Autopack"
Range of the packing means protecting the car from pollution and scratches during service.
In assortment:
Covers for car seats, paper mats, bags for spare parts, protective film for the steering wheel and gear shift, also protective car and wheel covering.

Recorded a significant growth prospects directly from the launch of the project.
The Autopack business direction which is successfully functioning in the territory of the CIS is introduced on the market of Russia.
The range in each of the business directions extends considerably.
Begins production of new products, namely containers for soup, gift ribbons, cardboard tubes, polypropylene bags, self-adhesive labels and stickers, tissue paper, and more.


To improve the quality of services and management of business processes we established a direct management structure with a manager to head for each department.
The commercial department is created.

Due to the rapid growth the company has increased the number of experts in the marketing department. The company purposefully invests means in the research activity connected with new goods and services.

A department is created for personnel management. The department developed the program of intensive training of new employees and the program of professional development.

The department of foreign trade activities is organized, on its basis departments of logistics and purchases are created.

The department of accounts department is re-structured, on its base the finance department is organized.

Departments of work with the agro-industrial companies and car services are open.


The company creates four separate departments with each one serving customers in different fields of activity.
Service departments.

- with network retail shops (paper and plastic bags,
packing packages, cash tape, packing paper, labels for clothes);
- with the express companies (control plastic seals, pockets for accompanying documentation, the safe packages, cardboard envelopes);
- with network restaurants fast food (packages for production on carrying out, packings for French fries, a leaflet on a tray, boxes for burgers, plastic trays and tubules, plastic and paper glasses, covers for disposable glasses);
- with advertizing agencies and printing houses (the activated KOEKC packages,
the activated PVD packages, the activated EVA packages).


The company reconsiders a business model, signs contracts on cooperation with manufacturing plants in the territory of Russia, Turkey, China and Italy. Carrying out this policy on development allows to reduce significantly costs of production and to increase a commodity row. It is planned to divide activities of the company for the certain directions.


The company cardinally reconsiders logistics. The system of forecasting of deliveries is successfully introduced. As a result turnaround time is significantly reduced and number of in due time executed deliveries reaches 92%.

For convenience of partners the company makes the decision on creation of a warehouse complex in 3 km from Moscow. Because most of partners needs service of a buffer stock, terms of the contract about deliveries with Key Clients are revised, instead of single deliveries the annual are entered.
As a result, the company unites orders, reaching decrease in product cost.

The ERP and CRM system that allows to lift customer service on qualitatively new level is introduced.


As an experiment along with representative office in Yerevan, there was organised a contact centre to work with all customers. After one year of operating, survey shows that key customers satisfaction rate got to 98% whilst operating costs reduced by about 70%.


The company began manufacturing and selling paper bags.
The office in Yekaterinburg was closed.


Representative offices in Yerevan (Armenia) and Ekaterinburg (Russia) was opened.


In Moscow, a group of business people founded "MANFOL". The main activity of the company was the sale of plastic bags imported from the U.S.A., China and Turkey.

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