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A professional team is capital that never depreciates!

We view each employee as an individual and always welcome every initiative. We guarantee a worthy reward for those who are creative about their work and who give their time and energy for the benefit of the Company.

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MANFOL tirelessly develops more and more innovative ways to satisfy the growing world demand for packaging products. One of these ways is to find talented and energetic people, who are ready to make their careers with our help. We are looking for people who are curious, passionate, innovative and open to new ideas and technologies. People who are ready for change and who are ready to help direct the company to channels of modern development and expansion. If you are a student, graduate, experienced professional or an entrepreneur we are inviting you to join us. We have created an environment where every employee feels valued and can develop their talents, not only on an individual level but also by being part of a friendly and united team. If you think you can fit into the mosaic of our Company and create new colours then email the completed questionnaire and your resume to

Indicate in the subject and in your résumé the position for which you are applying (CV-Sales). Your application will be considered and you will be called for an interview should we have a vacancy that suits your skills. The inclusion of a cover letter will increase your chances as a candidate.


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• Professional and career development
• Competitive salary
• Good working conditions
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