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Film for mulching

  • Film for mulching
  • Film for mulching
  • Film for mulching

Mulching - is a material ground cover to improve and protect the soil. Mulching helps warm the soil, improve yields and protect it from weeds.

Film mulch is widely used in agriculture, and if used correctly, has a positive impact on soil and plants:

- Retains moisture.

- Reduces the number of weeds.

- Prevents overheating of the soil in summer and freezing in winter.

Eliminates splash contamination of diseases from soil to plants from watering and rain.

- Prevents soil erosion.

- Prevents the formation of a crust which improves the absorption of water into the soil.

- Stops the soil from becoming loose.

- Mulched plants form stronger roots.

Film for mulching helps control soil temperature.

Experience shows that the use of transparent film mulch keeps the soil temperature above 10 ° C. from the middle of April. Under black film temperature can sometimes drop below 10 ° C at night. We recommend you choose a film for mulching compatible with local conditions and the crop variety.


Material - HDPE (polyethylene), PP

Density - 90, 100, 130 g / km.

Colour - Black

Width - from 1 to 3 meters

(We have the possibility of also making films in black and gray (silver), yellow-brown ( black-and-white)

Film for mulching Film for mulching Film for mulching

In the production of greenhouse film there is added a finely dispersed pigment which does not transmit light and fully absorbs the solar spectrum.

Black film prevents the germination of weeds and absorbs heat creating a high temperature and humidity. The heat is dissipated into the air and heats the soil. By absorbing the UV rays the film provides partial black UV stabilisation.

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